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Watch the Savannah and the Stringz performance and interview on POLISH NATIONAL TELEVISION morning show from the tour in Sept 2016.


"…well-played and SUPERBLY ARRANGED… a great disc."

Russell W. Elliot, Musical Discoveries

"The arrangements for piano and strings are SEXY AND CLEVER… the original material on this album is superbly crafted"

Adam Baruch, Jazzis

"This CHARISMATIC singer CHARMED her AUDIENCE with her voice and subtlety ."

Jazz Forum Magazine

"Savannah MESMERIZES the listener ... she sings with great EMOTION and SENSUALITY. The delicate and enticing melodies are intertwined with her breathy vocals and musical swirls. She sings with great determination and PASSION. There is a RAWNESS IN THE MUSIC."

"…they push the exact buttons that ENTRALL ME, I'm UTTERLY HOOKED. During the course of the show Savannah covers the entire SPECTRUM OF EMOTIONS one could experience in a lifetime."

Hili Jeffery, TEZA Magazine

Two articles from Jazz Forum Magazine from the Poland Tour in 2016!

In the paper
Stringz on TV!
Morning Show appearance
Stringz on TV!
PNS appearance
Chorzow, Poland
Poster 2016
Program 2016

© Savannah and the Stringz 2016

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