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A b o u t  

"The music industry's best kept secret"
(Charlotte Street Agency, UK)


Savannah is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.


"Alluring,  ethereal - Savannah's sound brims with energy and passion, and her doll-like figure belies a heart-breaking voice."


A native of Sydney, Australia, Savannah has spent the last ten years living in Tel Aviv, Israel, garnering a loyal fan base. 


In May 2010, Savannah released The Red Dead Week EP, comprised primarily of material that features on a complete (unreleased) full album "Potential Black" produced by Gal Padeh. 


In 2012 Savannah and the Stringz (Savannah - vocals + piano, Tomer Einat - violin, Noam Elron - double bass) released their debut self titled & self produced album which effortlessly fuses Cabaret Indie Rock with Classical Chamber Music.  The Stringz is a power trio whose sound is most accurately described as Acoustic on Steroids. 


Savannah's 3nd project "The Calling" is a collection of poetically translated contemporary Israeli songs that she delivers with her own twist. This project is a collaboration with arranger, guitarist and bassist Amir Amrami. Drummer Avi Barak joins Savannah and Amir to form a trio that occasionally host instrumentalists. The project endeavours to bring contemporary Israeli music to people around the world who don't speak Hebrew. Politics aside, people of all kinds can connect to Israeli culture through it's beautiful music.


Savannah additionally is the lead singer for the cutting edge electronic group - UNA SELVA. Here she shares the stage with Roy Yarkoni (laptop & keyboards), Or Raveh (live electonics) and Noam Elron (double bass) with texts by renowned Israeli-American poet Karen Alkalay Gut.  The songs of UNA SELVA are nostalgic stores about clothes contrasted with a very current sound.


Savannah is an accomplished Jazz musician - singing/playing with the Vertzberger-Zwi Quartet (standards, and jazzy interpretations of famous folk songs), Jazz Madmia Trio and with the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra & world famous jazz pianist Leonid Ptashka.


Savannah has been involved in a number of other musical projects, including metal-folk outfit XAMAVAR (, in which she sang aggressive opera, accompanied by bagpipes, violin and heavily distorted guitar.


A professionally trained artist, Savannah is also known on the Tel Aviv art scene for her curatorship of STANGA, a monthly, interactive performance-art event that explores the interplay between art, dance and music in the public space.


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