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Xamavar's intense, unique music was, and still is something truly innovative.


The group consisted of - Savannah (vocals) is a vivacious opera-trained jazz singer from Australia; Shaemus (bagpipes) was instructed by some of the best pipers in Scotland; Jenia Grand (guitar), a Russian musical genius with unusual technique on his instrument; Jenia Fab (violin) received a meticulous musical education in St. Petersburg; Xachi (drums) performed all over Europe with a renowned Israeli orchestra; and Ramy (bass) is a self-taught musician and a devoted flower-child. The lyrics were jointly crafted by Shaemus and Savannah who are both gifted poets.


The band had huge success in the Israeli underground metal scene, filling enormous venues, recieving wide acclaim and well on the way to signing with a major label. Sadly the band broke apart and in May 2010 Shemi passed away, may he rest in peace.


As taken from the Review by music critic Russel Elliot:


"Blind Still Trill" is the opening track on the Xamavar four track EP. It fuses bagpipes and soaring vocals. Savannah's voice is put to the test with the wide ranging octave work and intensity of the music. There is great clarity to her singing in this very original track. The Celtic flair of the music combined with Savannah's incredible range is quite adventurous. The second track is called "Older Pink" and changes pace to the aggressive and demanding vocals. There is a frenetic pace to the music and complexity of style. Savannah's pure and distinct tones erupt with energy throughout this song. "Spongy Doom" continues with the complex Xamavar style that combines a vast array of influences, cultures and styles in their music. These three songs are the first songs to be independently released by Xamavar, indicative of the eruptive energy and the mesmerizing/friendly complexity of their material. The song, "Blind Still Trill" appeared on the compilation CD Israel Unleashed, released by JMG in November 2007.


Older Pink by XAMAVAR

From performance in Sublime TLV

Spongy Doom by XAMAVAR


Blind Still Trill by XAMAVAR


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