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S t a n g a  

STANGA is the name of a popular Israeli street game where a ball is thrown between people with the intention of catching it. 

STANGA is a collection of artists and musicians collaborating to create an interactive performance art piece which explores the relationship between art and music.


The performance takes place in a public environment where passers by can feel free to join in the creativity and become involved in the art event.


The artists participating in STANGA include painters, drawers, sculptors, new media artists, mixed-media artists, dancers & actors. During a musical performance these practitioners respond to the music using their various tools, and similarly, the musical performance which occurs is influenced by the art occurring around it.


The group focuses on the creation of art where the initial seed of inspiration is music played on the street. The music is channeled through visual and movement artists, and passed on to spectators in the surroundings and to the musicians again. 


The 'ball' is exchanged for 'inspiration', and is thrown between the 'players' on multiple physical and metaphoric levels.


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A short video taken from one of the performances

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