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Above - Savannah and the Enchanted tree at the Jazz and Literature festival in Chorzow, Poland


An interview about all the recent Live Action Disney remakes on the i24 news program "The Daily Dose" with Jeff Smith and cultural correspondent Maya Kramer.


Savannah offers a wide variety of beautiful and innovative musical and theatrical performances for children. Some of them include:

Early Years Music

A series of interactive, educational shows designed for children aged 1-3.

Includes renditions of known nursery rhymes, puppet shows and a magical musical bag! 

Introduces a variety of musical instruments including harp, guitar, piano, saxaphone and percussion.

Intermediate Years Music

A series of interactive, educational show designed for children aged 4-6. Introduction to musical concepts such as harmony and melody; reading music basics; rhythmic exercises and patterns with both familiar and original songs. Puppet friends from a magical musical bag feature in comic gags and bring the children surprises. 

A series unique of one woman musicals; The tales of a wise old tree with many stories to tell!

The Enchanted Tree performances include  vocal covers of known and loved Disney songs in addition to original material written by Savannah.

Amazing puppet shows, an incredible set, and cosutmes!

SavannaanthEnchanted Tree

Fairy Princess
Music show
Fairy Princess
Jumping around
when you're going
The Enchanted Tree
The Enchanted Tree
The Enchanted Tree
Feeling bright
Somewhere over the rainbow
Magical Story Time
Saying hello
Music show
Early Years
Magical Frame
Make a wish
Harp friends



The story of a bird who flies out of a painting into the world.

The narrative is accompanied by known classical music performed with harp and violin.


Including pieces by Camille Saint-Saëns, Bach, Mozart, Bernard Andres, Marcel Grandjany and more...

Magical Story Time

Imaginative story telling experience sincluding live harp music, puppet shows and a felt board with velcro characters. A number of stories are available.

Together Savannah and the audience build up the story through the characters that appear on the felt board, singing songs and doing interactive physical activities.


Hear all your favorite Disney classic tunes performed in costume!

The songs are woven into a loose narrative with props and a set. 

An entertainment experience  the whole family can enjoy!